Gas and Oil Home Heating Ban: What You Need to Know

With the proposed ban on gas boilers and oil boilers coming into effect next year, there is understandable quite a bit of confusion around this new piece of government legislation.

Much of the talk concerns new builds, which means current homeowners may erroneously assume this legislation won't affect them. As one of Ireland's most established gas and oil boiler installation providers, we have been getting more and more questions about this law change. To make this information more accessible to clients, we have compiled the most common questions and provided the answers as we understand them below. Please remember that we are discussing future government legislation, so the precise details will likely change and evolve in the current months.


When are oil and gas heating systems to be banned in Ireland


According to the Irish Times, fossil fuel burners, i.e. gas boilers and oil boilers, will be phased out of new builds as early as 2024. It's important to remember that this isn't an outright ban. Instead, it represents a significant change in new property building regulations.


What kind of heating systems will new homes have?


The most popular option in the future is the installation of heat pumps in homes. Already 86 per cent of new homes in Ireland are built with heat pumps installed.


I already have a gas boiler or an oil boiler installed in my home. What does this mean for me?


Under the government's current proposal, it would mean that you won't be able to replace your gas boiler or oil boiler after 2025. What precisely the alternative will be, seems to be anyone's guess at this stage. Rural dwellings will most likely need to have heat pumps installed. At the same time, a proposal for district heating is being explored regarding homes in Dublin City.


Should I still keep servicing my Oil boiler or Gas Boiler


We would argue that it's more important than ever to service your current home heating options. It's too early to know what government supports will be available when it comes to retrofitting a home with a new heating system; therefore, it would be in a homeowner's interest to ensure its current system lasts its entire service life.


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