Domestic Boiler Servicing

Domestic Oil Boiler Servicing

RD Plumbing provides clients with complete oil boiler servicing. Our team of oil boiler experts are available to commercial and residential clients who use oil as their primary home heating fuel.
Oil boilers should be serviced at least once a year but our oil boiler engineers recommend twice a year if your boiler is subjected to particularly heavy use.
Our team make sure that your boiler is optimised for performance and efficiency. After an oil boiler service, a domestic or commercial boiler will run better, use less fuel and heat up radiators faster.

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Domestic Gas Boiler Servicing

RD Plumbing provides property owners with complete gas boiler servicing. Our gas boiler engineers are available to come to your property and perform a full gas boiler service and gas boiler safety check.
Poorly maintained or neglected gas boilers pose a serious risk to the property’s occupants.
Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. Our gas boiler engineers perform a full inspection of a gas boiler checking for leaks and weak points.
Our service procedures include the repair of any compromised areas, ensuring that a gas boiler is running safely, efficiently and to the manufacturer's specifications.

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Gas Boiler Service Kilkenny

We remain one of Kilkenny’s premier gas boiler servicing experts. We service all aspects of the boiler to ensure it runs efficiently and safely. We service every part of the gas boiler, from the flue to the filters. Our boiler servicing is designed to ensure your home heating system is running efficiently and safely.

Gas Boiler Service Kilkenny

Oil Boiler Servicing Kilkenny

Our team of plumbers offer comprehensive and low-cost oil boiler servicing. By combining decades of experience with the latest serving equipment and techniques, we can service your domestic oil boiler to the highest professional standards.

Oil Boiler Servicing Kilkenny


  • How much does a domestic oil boiler service cost?

    This depends on the boiler's unique needs and the boiler model. Call us today. Our customer service agents will ask some basic questions, and before providing a free, no-obligation quote.

  • Does a regular service increase the lifespan of my boiler?

    Yes, a regular service can add years of efficient service life to a boiler. We recommend having your oil boiler serviced at least once a year.