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For the very best in quality and competitively priced oil boiler servicing, get in contact with RD Plumbing today.

Oil Boiler Servicing Kilkenny

For decades RD Plumbing has been providing clients with competitively priced oil boiler servicing. Our team of fully qualified, highly trained plumbers service all makes and models of gas boilers in countywide domestic properties.
Our insistence on carefully accessing and maintaining all parts of the oil boiler, from the filters to the flue, makes us different. Our insistence on comprehensive services ensures that your boiler is safe to use and much more efficient. Therefore your home can be heated up with less fuel and at a lower cost. Regular oil boiler servicing is designed to save homeowners money on their annual energy bills.

Domestic Boiler Servicing

RD Plumbing offers comprehensive oil boiler servicing for property owners. Our expert boiler engineers are ready to visit your property and conduct a thorough oil boiler service and a safety inspection.
Neglecting or inadequately maintaining oil boilers can present a significant danger to the occupants of a property. Carbon monoxide poisoning, a potentially fatal threat, can result from poorly maintained gas boilers. Our gas boiler engineers inspect the entire unit, checking for leaks and any vulnerabilities.
As part of our service protocol, we address and repair any compromised areas, ensuring that your gas boiler operates safely, efficiently, and following the manufacturer's specifications.

Commercial Boiler Servicing

RD Plumbing delivers comprehensive oil boiler servicing solutions tailored for commercial clients in Kilkenny. Our team consists of extensively trained commercial oil boiler engineers who visit your property to conduct a thorough boiler service.
Neglected or inadequately maintained oil boilers in commercial settings pose a substantial risk to the well-being of a business's staff, customers, and anyone within the premises. The threat of carbon monoxide poisoning is particularly alarming.
Our commercial boiler servicing entails a comprehensive inspection, ensuring the continued efficiency and safety of a commercial property's oil boiler system. Additionally, we take the necessary steps to repair all compromised areas and replace any worn or damaged components, guaranteeing the reliability and safety of your commercial boiler.

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Advantages of our Oil Boiler Servicing

Advantages of our Oil Boiler Servicing

  • Cost-Effective Thanks to the experience of our plumbers, we can complete full boiler installations quickly without compromising on quality. We pass this saving onto our customers. We can offer some of Kilkenny's most competitively priced oil boiler services.

  • Quality All our plumbers have years of experience working with Oil Boilers. This means they can service the boiler and immediately identify any potential faults or repair issues.

  • Regular Servicing We make scheduling services straightforward. Give us a call, and our customer service agents will schedule a time that suits your unique schedule.

For the best oil boiler servicing in Kilkenny, get in contact with RD Plumbing today.

Oil Boiler Servicing Kilkenny FAQ

  • How do I schedule an oil boiler service with RD Plumbing?

    Please give us a call directly on: 056 4440874. Our customer service team will organise a service time that suits your schedule.

  • What are the advantages of regular boiler servicing?

    There is a range of advantages to having your boiler serviced, including:


    - Ensures efficient fuel consumption

    - Lower overall annual energy bills

    - Ensures the boiler is running safely

    - Increases overall service life of the boiler

    - Reduces the possibility of breakdowns or unexpected faults