Thermodynamic Systems

RD Plumbing provides domestic and commercial properties with state-of-the-art thermodynamic solar technology, that can be fitted to property's roof.
Thermodynamic systems are an innovative, cost-effective and environmentally responsible method of heating water within a property. The system represents a significant technological breakthrough, and this breakthrough is now available commercially in Ireland.
Unlike traditional solar panels, thermodynamic panels draw solar heat from the atmosphere allowing these systems to function effectively even when sunshine is not available.
Their minimum reliance on sunshine makes them the perfect solar heating solution for climates with limited sunshine, as such they are perfect for Irish properties.
A Thermodynamic hot water heating system ensures that hot water is available any time, day and night.

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The advantages of Thermodynamic Panels

  • Energy can be gleaned from any atmospheric conditions, meaning they function at night and in wet or windy conditions.

  • The system works 24-hours a day in all weather conditions

  • The system is free from glass or electoral components

  • Thermodynamic panels don’t require de-icing

  • The panels are virtually maintenance free

  • Dirt and impurities that may begin to develop on the panels won't affect energy output

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RD Plumbing are one of Kilkenny’s longest established installers of Thermodynamic systems in Kilkenny.

Our near unparalleled experience and thermodynamic system installation expertise, has allowed us to develop robust strategies that streamline the installation service. We cause the absolute minimum amount of disruption possible, while seamlessly installing the thermodynamic system into the building’s pre-existing central heating system.

As our modern and low maintenance thermodynamic systems only need limited light to function, performance isn't undermined by Kilkenny’s often overcast weather.

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RD Plumbing Thermodynamic Systems

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