RD Plumbing FAQ

 Does RD Plumbing Cover Domestic and Commercial Properties?

Yes, RD Plumbing services both domestic and commercial properties all over Killkenny.
Our highly trained team have the experience, resources and expertise to complete plumbing repairs, plumbing maintenance and plumbing upgrades in all types of properties.
Our team can work around your schedule, to help minimise disruption to the domestic property and keep unnecessary workplace downtime to an absolute minimum.

Does RD Plumbing install boilers?

Yes, we are specialist central heating plumbers that install oil and gas boilers in homes and commercial boilers. All our plumbers are fully RGI registered and can recommend the boiler make and model for the specific central heating demands of the client’s property.

Do you install Full Central Heating Systems?

Yes, here at RD Plumbing we have the expertise, resources and multi-discipline skill set required to install complete central heating systems. Our heating system installation team are available to install heating systems in new builds, along with completely upgrading a central heating system in pre-built properties.

What is a Solar Assisted Heat Pump?

A solar-assisted heat pump is a modern system that integrates a heat pump with thermal solar panels.
This allows water to be heated using solar energy.

What Are Thermodynamic Systems?

Unlike traditional solar panels, Thermodynamic Solar panels generate energy by absorbing solar heat from the atmosphere.
This means that thermodynamic panels are suitable for climates with a low amount of sunlight.
Thermodynamic systems can even absorb energy at night time.