Magic Hot Water

A solar assisted heat pump manufactured in a UK Factory with ISO 9001 certification and is specifically tailored for Irish homes and the Irish climate, it is the first UK tested MCS approved thermodynamic hot water storage cylinder heating water up to 55oC. Over 30 years of engineering expertise went into making one of the most advanced water heating systems on the market.

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  • Works day and night

  • Works down to -15oC

  • Provides up to 100% of hot water requirements

  • Heats water throughout day night and all seasons, whenever it’s needed

  • Panel can be fitted south, east or west facing even northeast and northwest

  • Panel is under 7kg

  • Aluminium panel is very durable

  • Can be fitted virtually anywhere

  • Both sides of the panel absorb energy

  • Sealed system with R134a gas

  • Minimal maintenance


  • Needs direct sunlight

  • Will not work at night, with no sun or 0oC

  • Only provides 30% of hot water requirements

  • Only heats water in summer and during height of the day, -when it’s not needed

  • Panel needs to be south facing for maximum results

  • Heavy panels

  • Panels made up of heavy glass tubing

  • Installed on a south facing roof only

  • Smaller energy collection area

  • Requires glycol top-up

  • High maintenance

Advantages of a Solar Assisted Heat Pump

  • Solar assisted heat pumps provide clients with an endless amount of energy

  • Solar Assisted Heat pumps are an environmentally responsible energy solution; they don’t eminent any CO2 Gas

  • Much less energy is required to heat water so homeowners should expect to make significant savings on their annual energy bills

  • A home with a solar-assisted heat pump will use less fossil fuel

  • Our team of specialist plumbers can seamlessly integrate a solar-assisted heat pump into an excising home-heating system

  • Contemporary solar assisted heat pumps – like those provided by RD Plumbing– work effectively even in winter.

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How the Magic Hot Water Pump Works

The refrigerated liquid is circulated around by the aluminium panel. Energy is absorbed from ambient air, this carries the heat to the unit, the unit compresses the gas, increasing the temperature. The gas reverts to liquid, which flows back into the unit, allowing the process to repeat, the super-heated gas is used in a process that transfers heat to the water in the cylinder, this continues until water temp reaches 55o, once achieved the system goes into standby.

Magic Hot Water Pump Benefits

  • Hot water up to 55oC.

  • Hot water in ALL weather conditions, down to -15oC.

  • Hot water at a fraction of gas or electric system costs.

  • 70% more efficient than ‘Traditional solar thermal’ panels.

  • Suitable for residential property or commercial premises.

  • Sizes available to suit all applications.

  • Automatic weekly anti-legionella cycle.

  • Works 24 hours a day.

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