Commercial Gas

RD Plumbing is legally authorised to install, repair and maintain non-domestic gas appliances in commercial and industrial premises. Our team of gas engineers are authorised to provide gas certificates to commercial and industrial properties. All non-domestic properties that use gas are legally obligated to possess an RGI recognised Gas Certificate.

From January 2019 all non-domestic gas installations and appliances must be maintained by a Non-Domestic RGI Registered Gas Installer.
RD Plumbing are available to immediately offer services and repairs to non-domestic gas installations and appliances in accordance with the legally enforceable RGII standards.
Every business -- with non-domestic gas installations and gas appliances -- are subject to the stringent safety standards set by the RGII.
Our team of professional Gas Engineers ensure that non-domestic gas installations and appliances are installed, maintained and serviced in accordance with the standards set by the RGII.

Does your commercial property require a commercial gas certificate? Then get in contact with RD Plumbing today.

Why do commercial landlords need an RGII Commercial Gas Certification

It's the law

All non-domestic properties are legally required to possess a gas certification from January 2019 onwards. Furthermore, from January 2019 it will be illegal to have a non-register gas installer maintain, install or repair gas appliances in a non-domestic property.

Financial Penalties

Business that don’t compile risk serious financial penalties. The law is fully enforceable, and non-compliance will lead to large fines.

Voiding of Insurance Policies

Gas systems installed by non-registered installers or gas systems maintained or repaired by non-registered gas installers will void the system's insurance policy. Properties without a Gas Certificate from January 2019 onwards also risk voiding their insurance policy.

Peace of Mind

Non-domestic Registered Gas installers like RD Plumbing, have been trained to the highest of professional standards. All non-domestic gas repairs, gas upgrades and installations are completed to the regulatory standard set by RGII.

Your commercial property requires a gas certificate before January 2019. It’s the law. Have the experts at RD Plumbing inspect your non-domestic gas system today, to receive your RGI recognised gas certificate.