The money saving benefits of Boiler Servicing

Right now, every household in Ireland is beginning to feel the pinch. Not only are we contending with skyrocketing fuel costs, but we're also slap-bang in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. Inflation rates are higher than they've been in a decade. With these factors in mind, trying to save money has never been more important. Holidays may be getting cancelled. Streaming subscriptions may be allowed to expire, and perhaps our cupboards are stocked with more store-brand products than usual. However, here at RD Plumbing, we have noticed a worrying "money-saving" trend. To cut down on out-going expenses, some households are neglecting their annual oil or gas boiler service. In this article, we'd like to argue that forgoing a yearly boiler service will actually cost a homeowner money rather than saving them some cash.

Efficient Boiler Operation


Of all the household bills we're plagued with, our heating bill will inevitably be the largest. Therefore it's in our interests to do everything possible to keep that bill as small as possible. While nobody can control the weather, we can ensure a boiler runs as efficiently as possible. Lime scale can build up in a boiler's pipework and heat exchanger if left without being checked. Lime scale build-up harms the potential heat output of the boiler. This means the longer you go without servicing the boiler, the more fuel you need to heat your property. More fuel consumption means higher annual energy bills. Sometimes, a single yearly service can save a homeowner hundreds of euros.


Boiler Repair


In so many ways, a boiler service acts as a check to ensure there are no obvious faults that may affect how well your boiler operates. A boiler is a mechanical device fitted with moving parts. This creates friction that wears down internal components, making them less effective and prone to breaking down at an inopportune moment. Suppose wear and tear is allowed to continue for an extended period. In that case, the boiler is at risk of severe breakdown. At best, you may have to go to the expense of replacing parts. At worst, the boiler may need to be replaced. An annual service should catch potential issues before they become more extensive and more expensive problems.




Are you a landlord? Then you have a legal obligation to have the boilers within your property serviced at least once a year. Issues with sparking boilers or carbon monoxide leakage can have serious, even fatal consequences.

Landlords can face significant fines if they fail to service boilers in their tenant-occupied properties.


The above are just some of the reasons why neglecting a boiler service can cost you money. Here at RD Plumbing, we offer the highest standard boiler servicing. We have the resources, equipment and expertise to complete boiler services at highly competitive prices. Get in contact with RD Plumbing today for all your oil boiler servicing in Kilkenny and gas boiler servicing in Kilkenny requirements.


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